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1434 Oakley
Dallas, TX 75216
I C U - U C Me
Mr. Cruz

Jose Cruz has been a Dallas illustration institution from the moment he cracked open his portfolio and started showing the commercial art world there's more than one way to skin un gato. He has commited his creative imagination to magazines, books, posters, ads, brochures, web sites, storyboards and just about anything that will sustain an application of ink and/or pixels. His unique and uncompromising style of illustration has brought him awards and acclaim from clients like BusinessWeek, Time, Newsweek, Playboy, Upside, Sony, Hasbro, Texas Monthly and many, many others.

This web site offers an extensive collection of his fine artwork. Click on the little web spiders, below, to enter the archives and click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the illustrations.

Please visit Jose's other online portfolio at And, by gawwd, don't miss his mind-boggling blog.

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