Tech Laser Cartridge Illustration

Back in the land-that-time-forgot, a common-or-garden commission for a freelance illustrator would come about with a phone call made by an art director to an illustrator’s land-line – mobiles only came into everyday use just over a decade ago. If you were out of the studio when the call came, chances are you could miss the job – answer phones even 15 years ago were not the norm.

Toner Cartridge Illustration

The brief itself would have to be posted or collected – fax machines were huge, cumbersome and expensive items even just a decade and a half ago. How the freelance illustrator, just ten years ago, maintained a professional profile, informed clients of new work and displayed their portfolios has altered beyond recognition.

Without websites and email, illustrators would utilize the humble postcard as their calling card to the creative world, designing, printing, addressing and posting hundreds of these mail shots on a regular basis.

Laser Cartridge Illustration


The repairman’s hand in a blue glove repairs the printer. replacement Toner Printer cartridge, office equipment service concept, close up