Technology Thru Illustrations

Technology has changed out lives immeasurably – though you can measure the change with more technology – and out social lives weren’t spared, either. Mobile phones, internet, and social networks have conspired to eat all of our free time and interpersonal skills. Could this be avoided by having a little bit more willpower and maybe admitting that the best use for Facebook is Messenger?

Technology illustrations

Technology illustrations

Nay, ’tis nothing less short of Armageddon. The trumpet has sounded with the sound of an incoming tweet, and man and his time had been split in twain. No more shall you feel the sun on your face, no more shall you enjoy the touch of a loved one. All that’s left is a digital Sheol, the never ending funny post that nobody liked on Facebook.

American farmers grow more corn than the other farmers of the world because of better technology and better tools. The miracle of life in the seed has not changed; farmers can do nothing to change what God has ordered in the growth cycle. But tools and technology can improve the harvest.

Technology Taking Over

With every passing moment technology is overtaking our daily life. Everyone is trying to deeply dig into the blind world of technology regardless of age, gender, career. Smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops and all other digital gadgets are taking our lives. We get anxious if these of devices if we lose access to them for few moments. Emotions are shared on social media, we don’t go to market for shopping, children are losing their culture and emotional values and parents are responsible for this because they are not limiting their child activities through these gadgets.

New Technology & More Advance Technology Is To Come…